New Range Rover Built Like a Tank

Over the past couple of decades there have been some incredible advancements in technology within the automotive industry. The average vehicle can do a hell of a lot more than its 20-year-old counterpart. Current models are super-efficient, incredibly smooth and easy to drive and come packed with cabin equipment.

What you probably wouldn’t liken a new release to however would be an armoured tank – unless you’ve seen what the people at Land Rover have been up to this year.

They have unveiled the new Range Rover Sentinel – their first luxury armoured vehicle – which is claimed capable of withstanding grenades and gunfire. A six-piece armoured cell has been developed, made of super-strength steel, to protect passengers inside the cabin.

As you can probably expect this sort of protection doesn’t come cheap – the model will set you back an eye-watering £360,000. Considering you can pick up a used Land Rover Range Rover in decent condition for under £15,000, this tank-like opportunity is only available to a very small group of wealthy individuals.

Just to put into perspective exactly how tough the Sentinel is, Land Rover claim it can withstand a 15kg TNT explosion and can hold its own against a DM51 grenade – whether it’s placed above or below the vehicle. Additionally, the model can be driven with deflated tyres.

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The New Citroen DS3 Dark Light

The new limited edition Citroen DS3 has gone on sale in the UK according to the automotive authority CarSite.

Priced at £20,795, the DS3 Dark Light was first revealed earlier this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In production since 2009, the Citroen DS3 has established itself as one of the most popular superminis on the market in recent years. It has received numerous accolades and awards, while sales have increased year upon year.

Fans of the new edition will have to be on the ball if they plan to get themselves one – just 300 vehicles will be sold in the UK.

Performance wise, the Citroen DS3 Dark Light is equipped with a PureTech 110 S&S petrol engine mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission, while buyers can expect all the luxuries of the existing DStyle Nav trim in their limited edition motors. For those unaware of what this includes, you get satellite navigation, chrome door mirrors, sports seats, LED vision headlights, black leather pack, auto wipers electrically folding door mirrors, diamond-cut Bellone alloy wheels, aluminium sports pedals and limited edition exterior badging.

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My Contract Hire Jeep Cherokee

These days there is no excuse for getting a bad deal on a car. The internet has forced dealers into being transparent, and gives the consumer power in that they can have access to deals across the country. So the first thing that you have to do is accept that the best way to lease a car, is to take a little bit of time to do some Read more ›

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Subaru Justy Car Review

The Subaru Justy is a comfortable, easy to manoeuvre supermini – but it is a surprisingly pedestrian offering for a car maker that gave the world the hair-on-fire Impreza. Read more ›

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Suzuki Logo

Suzuki Motor Corporation began as Suzuki Loom Works in 1909, founded by Michio Suzuki. Realizing that the prosperity of his company depended upon diversification Read more ›

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Ssangyong Kyron Car Review

The Ssangyong Kyron is a very capable and competent 4×4. The Kyron comes well equipped and has been competitively priced against other bargain brands. The Kyron boasts the most powerful engine in its class and true off-roading capabilities. Read more ›

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Lamborghini is a manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. The Lamborghini Company is a subsidiary of Read more ›

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No More Land Rover Defenders After 2015

Land Rover is set to end the production of its iconic Read more ›

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Bentley 2013 Flying Spur


Pictures of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur have graced the web today and they are being met with great enthusiasm. It has been sent by Bentley to unsettle its rivals the Rolls-Royce Ghost and the Mercedes S-Class. Read more ›

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Audi RS Q3 SUV Revealed

The Audi Q3 SUV is getting the RS treatment, more news has been shared across the web today regarding the model. Join us as we take a look at what we know so far. Read more ›

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