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Subaru Justy Car Review

The Subaru Justy is a comfortable, easy to manoeuvre supermini – but it is a surprisingly pedestrian offering for a car maker that gave the world the hair-on-fire Impreza. Practicality The Subaru Justy is tall, so you could get away with wearing a top hat and still not scrape the ceiling. Its cleverly designed interior […]

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Suzuki Motor Corporation began as Suzuki Loom Works in 1909, founded by Michio Suzuki. Realizing that the prosperity of his company depended upon diversification, Suzuki began work on compact-car prototypes. This venture was halted by the Japanese government because it was considered a non-essential commodity. It wasn’t until 1952 that the company produced their first […]

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Ssangyong Kyron Car Review

The Ssangyong Kyron is a very capable and competent 4×4. The Kyron comes well equipped and has been competitively priced against other bargain brands. The Kyron boasts the most powerful engine in its class and true off-roading capabilities. The Kyron can be used for towing purposes or other demanding duties. Although if wallowing in the […]

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Lamborghini is a manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. The Lamborghini Company is a subsidiary of Audi who is a subsidiary of Volkswagen. The company was originally founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini. Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a tractor factory prior to manufacturing automobiles, and drove a Ferrari. Rumor has it that Ferruccio wasn’t happy with the way his […]

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